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Gubin responded to accusations of harassment: “I only lift my skirts in private”

Artist Andrei Gubin denied the information in a conversation with Woman.ru that he lifted up the skirt of singer Akula (Oksana Pochepa).

Gubin called Pochepa “an interesting and pretty girl.” The artist did not deny that they crossed paths. According to the star, he once approached the performer, but she responded coldly. This was the end of their acquaintance.

“So I didn’t lift up her skirts. I only lift my skirts in private. And I treat women well. If it’s possible, then it’s possible, if not, then no,” said the musician.

Gubin called himself “adequate and standard.” The singer does not agree with the words of artist Lyudmila Kobevko, who accused him of suppression and called him too domineering.

“No matter how famous a musician you are, in your personal life you must be ordinary and standard. I don’t think that I suppressed her or anything else,” the artist noted.

In October, singer Akula accused Gubin of harassment. According to the performer, the musician approached her from behind and lifted her skirt. She explained that in this way the artist was trying to get acquainted.

Source: Rambler

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