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Gazmanov’s concerts were suddenly canceled after a loud scandal with SHAMAN

Musician Rodion Gazmanov, the son of People’s Artist of Russia Oleg Gazmanov, announced on his page on the social network VKontakte that his tour of the Urals has been cancelled. According to the publication Utro.ru, this happened after his harsh statements against his colleague on the SHAMAN stage.

Guys, the tour of the Urals has been cancelled. It happens,” Gazmanov told subscribers.

According to the artist, he has already drawn conclusions from what happened. Gazmanov also promised fans that next time the organization of the tour would go well.

According to Utro.ru, the cancellation of his tour is due to harsh statements addressed to the singer SHAMAN. The other day, the artist posted a photo on social networks with the performer of the hit “I’m Russian” and added a strange note to the picture.

Yaroslav Dronov. He’s a Shaman. He is also a singer, composer and songwriter. By the way, which ones? — wrote Gazmanov.

He later explained that he didn’t mean anything bad, and the journalists “didn’t just suck the story out of thin air.” Gazmanov called SHAMAN an excellent musician and said that there are no disagreements between them.

Earlier, the Russians named the best domestic artists. According to the results of the VTsIOM study, the title of best folk singer went to SHAMAN, and the best performer, according to citizens, was Polina Gagarina.

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