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Fraudsters deceived Kurban Omarov out of a million dollars – Super exclusive

Trust but check. Blogger Kurban Omarov, who became a victim of scammers, was convinced of the veracity of this saying from his own experience. Super found out that in 2021, Omarov loaned $1 million to two natives of Baku for the construction of an entertainment facility in Moscow. Like a real businessman, Kurban lent money at interest. The loan rate was 1% per month of the debt amount; in case of violation of payment terms, this percentage was supposed to increase to three. The borrowers promised to repay the debt by May 2022, but the blogger is still waiting for the amount. By October 3, 2023, the debt amounted to almost 74 million rubles.

“Natives of the city of Baku, Nazim Rashid ogly Ismailov, born in 1962, together with Oleg Sergeevich Balasyan, born in 1977, in the summer of 2021, received a loan of $1 million from Omarov Kurban until the end of the year for the repair and construction of an entertainment facility in Moscow. After the expiration of the specified period, the money was not returned to the lender, while the constructed establishment is operating. In this regard, we will initiate an investigation of the case under Article 159, Part 4 on the fact of fraud.”

Omarov’s lawyer in an interview with Super

Babushkinsky District Court website

We found out that later the scammers even began to threaten Omarov. The blogger was no mistake: he recorded all the threats. According to his lawyer, Kurban will add evidence to the statement of claim. Omarov confirmed to Super that in any case he intends to bring the proceedings to their logical conclusion.

“Unfortunately, I had negative experiences working with some people. The situation came as a complete surprise to me; in the process of solving the problem peacefully, I suddenly encountered the fact that my restraint was mistaken for weakness. Now we intend to restore justice legally, fortunately there are enough forces and means for this.”

Kurban Omarov in an interview with Super

Let us recall that this year Kurban was drawn into another conflict with businessman Yegor Kharitonov, because of which to Omarov’s accounts arrest has been made.

Source: Rambler

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