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Francesco, a newborn abandoned by his mother naked on the street: he will be given to a foster family

The child’s mother was hospitalized in shock at the same facility and was visited by a lawyer. None of the family in Osilo noticed or knew about her pregnancy.

A newborn abandoned naked in the street yesterday morning in Osilo (Sassari) is in good condition, hours after the birth of a mother arrested for attempted murder. The medical staff wanted to name him Francesco.

Facts: a young woman, 29 years old, gave birth alone at home, she single-handedly cut the umbilical cord connecting her to her son, then before dawn, while it was still dark, she went outside and left the child, without even trying to protect or cover him in any way, on the asphalt, under a car parked near the house. Then the grandmother raised the alarm soon after she saw the small body on the street.

Parents and grandparents knew nothing about the pregnancy. The investigation is ongoing. The baby may already leave the neonatal unit of the Au Sassari mother and child unit in the next few days: the juvenile court will activate procedures to transfer him to a family other than the one into which he was born. The child’s mother was hospitalized in shock at the same institution. Dropped off by the police, she was visited by a lawyer. It seems no one in the family noticed or knew about her pregnancy. It is unclear how she managed to hide her condition from those who lived with her in the house for nine months. The event deeply shook the quiet mountain village of Osilo, “the hill of the Sassari people.”

The young mother is expected to appear before a preliminary investigation judge today for a hearing to confirm the arrest. Attempted murder was disputed and the mobile phone was confiscated. Little Francesco is healthy and weighs 2 kilograms 615 grams.

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