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Erb massacre, Olindo and Rosa ask to reconsider the verdict

Lawyers for the couple, sentenced to life imprisonment for the 2006 massacre in the province of Como: according to the defense, there are elements that could lead to the acquittal of the couple, have been in prison since 2007

Review of the verdict in the Erb massacre case. This was requested by the lawyers of Olindo Romano and Rosa Bazzi, the couple sentenced to life imprisonment for the massacre that occurred on December 11, 2006 in a city in the province of Como. The request for review follows one submitted several months ago by Milan prosecutor Cuno Tarfusser. The couple are accused of four murders, but lawyers Fabio Schembri, Luisa Bordo, Nico D’Ascola and Patrizia Morelli say there are new elements that could lead to the acquittal of the couple, who have been in prison since 2007.

Erbe massacre, request for review of sentence

The lawyers are asking for a new trial of Olindo and Rosa’s case based on seven documents totaling more than 150 pages, as well as audio and video documents, the content of which is inconsistent with the reconstruction made by the spouses and then withdrawn. massacre, and all this became clear as a result of the investigation. Some insist on the testimony of Mario Frigerio, the only survivor of the massacre, who died in subsequent years and became the main prosecution witness who recognized Olindo in the courtroom. A version at trial that, according to lawyers, would contrast with what Frigerio said immediately, in his hospital bed. Even a reconstruction of the verdicts concerning the death of Frigerio’s wife, Valeria Cherubini, would be inconsistent with those that emerged from their consultations. Documents provided by the lawyers will also include an electrical survey of the house where the massacre took place and testimony from Abdi Case, who was never heard by investigators and lived in Erba’s home and was then arrested for trafficking drugs into the area where the massacre took place.

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