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Elenuar Casaleño pursued and attacked in the center (in broad daylight): “This cannot continue”

The TV presenter’s splash on Instagram. Addressing the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sale, he says: “This city has become uninhabitable.”

“I was followed and attacked while walking down the street in broad daylight in the center of Milan.” This is a complaint from the presenter Elenuar Casaleño on social networks. A famous face on TV talks about an “unlivable” city that has cause for fear.

Elenuar Casalegno reconstructs what happened to her on Sunday morning in an Instagram story and addresses the mayor of Milan, Beppe Sala. “At 11 o’clock in the morning, in the light and right in the center, I was chased and attacked by a deranged man, I don’t know what other term I could use,” she says. – Another man intervened and started shouting at him, I got into the store and they picked me up. I understand that the city’s needs are numerous, but the priority is the safety of citizens, continues Elenuar Casaleño. – This city has become uninhabitable. There is a fear of walking around the center all day, and it is impossible to continue like this.”

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