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Edoardo Camilli, a boy who disappeared from home at 17: “Help us find him”

The young man disappeared on October 20 in Rome.

“Help us find him, we haven’t heard from him since Friday.” Mother Claudia Persia is desperate and is calling for help for her son, Edoardo Camilli, 17, from Testaccio (Rome area), who has been missing since October 20th. The woman spread an appeal on social networks, which quickly went viral and received more than 24 thousand reposts. “We filed another missing person report with the police. On Friday afternoon around 3:00 pm we heard from him. The last traces of him were in Centocella, when his mobile phone was connected there. Then Edoardo’s smartphone no longer showed any signs of life. , – he said RomaToday mother, who also appealed to her son: “Go home, no matter what we face at home.”

The boy is 193 centimeters tall, has a thin build, brown hair and green eyes. A small sign of recognition: he has a light mole on his right cheek. On the day he disappeared, he was wearing a light gray zip-up sweater, black sweatpants with large side pockets, white Nike shoes with a blue mustache. Lots of messages of solidarity and support.

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For information on finding the boy, you can write to [email protected] or call 3357091026.

Source: Today

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