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Death of Desiree Mariotini, some charges dropped in the Supreme Court: there will be an appeal again

A 16-year-old from Cisterna di Latina died on October 19, 2018 due to drug use after being abused in an abandoned building on Via dei Lucani in the San Lorenzo district of Rome.

A second appeal trial will be held for the murder of Desiree Mariotini, a 16-year-old girl from Cisterna di Latina who died on October 19, 2018 due to taking a mixture of drugs after being abused in an abandoned building in Via dei Lucani in the San District -Lorenzo in Rome. This decision was made by the First Criminal Section of the Supreme Court after a meeting this afternoon, which heard appeals by the defense of the four accused against the verdict handed down by the Rome Assize Court of Appeal in November 2022. .

Some charges against four defendants in the death of a 16-year-old have been dropped in the Supreme Court. The Chief Justices of the First Criminal Section ordered a second appeal against Mamadou Gara, who was sentenced to life imprisonment on a murder charge, and Brian Mint, who was sentenced to 24-and-a-half years in prison on an appeal on a murder charge. conveying something stunning, which also includes an aggravating circumstance. Youssef Salia, who was sentenced to life in prison, had a sexual assault charge dropped but the rest of his appeal was rejected. The chief judges also excluded an aggravating circumstance for Alinno Cima, who was sentenced on appeal to 27 years in prison. At today’s meeting, Deputy Attorney General of the Supreme Court Simone Perelli asked to confirm all sentences of the defendants.

Disappointment and regret on the part of the young woman’s family. “This is a complex mechanism and the reasons behind referral decisions will need to be examined. What shocked the family was the failure to substantiate a charge of sexual assault against one of the accused, despite the life sentence remaining in place.” So, after the decision of the Supreme Court, lawyer Claudia Sorrenti, who helps Serena Mariotini, Desiree’s aunt. “The mother is shocked, although the murder charges against the three defendants have been confirmed. This proposal will spark discussion,” he concludes.

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