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Crazy escape of Audi in the city center due to traffic jams, and then an accident in front of passers-by

He lost control and then crashed into concrete pillars separating the road from the sidewalk. And he rammed a police car

“Help me, they are following me.” With this call to a single emergency number, a 40-year-old Romanian began a mad run through the streets of the center of Darfo-Boario Terme (province of Brescia). Driving a gray Audi, despite the obvious modification, he would have made a series of very dangerous maneuvers, impeding traffic and endangering everyone in front of him on the morning of Saturday, October 21. Seeing the carabinieri patrol intervene immediately after the motorist’s request for help on the 112, the 40-year-old man apparently pressed the gas pedal even harder and, driving into Via Zanardelli in the wrong direction, lost control of the car. the car, which then crashed, crashed into concrete pillars separating the road from the sidewalk.

At this point, the fugitive would have tried everything, trying to reverse the car. A desperate and useless maneuver: his car actually crashed into the car of the soldiers, who had meanwhile reached him. Then a desperate escape on foot: two carabinieri immediately approached him, he tried to free himself. Exciting moments and a short brawl that took place in front of dozens of passers-by and was filmed on numerous smartphones. For particularly strong resistance to an official and causing damage, he was inevitably handcuffed: he was placed under house arrest while awaiting to appear before a judge for a screening hearing, which would take place in the next few hours.

The man, who has a number of previous convictions for property and personal injury offences, was also tested to determine whether he was driving under the influence or after taking drugs.

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