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Claudio Cadeddu, Italian soldier killed in Kosovo

A 47-year-old Italian soldier of Sardinian origin, who worked at the military veterinary center in Grosseto, died on the way to Pristina. He left behind a wife and little daughter. Condolences from Minister Crosetto: “Servant of Italy”

Claudio Cadeddu, 47, died yesterday in a car accident in Kosovo. An Italian soldier of Sardinian origin, working at the military veterinary center of Grosseto and serving with KFOR (international armed forces), was killed when the car he was traveling in collided with a car traveling on the road in the wrong direction. to Pristina. Apparently he was thrown into a tree and then got stuck. With him at the time of the drama there was also a colleague, 41 years old, who was slightly injured. The two dogs that were with them were taken to the field to the veterinary unit.

Their task, like all pairs formed and trained in the Grosseto barracks, was to ensure safety while searching for explosive material along with their dogs. The man worked as a dog handler at a military base in Pec. Kadeddu leaves behind a wife and little daughter. The Chief of Staff of the Italian Army, Pietro Serino, expressed all the condolences of the armed forces, as did the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto: “With great suffering, on behalf of the defense and my staff, I express my closeness and I would like to embrace in a perfect embrace the wife, daughter and family of Claudio Cadedda, a serving Italy in the Italian army, victims of a tragic road accident in Kosovo. Farewell, Claudio.” The mayor of Grosseto, Antonfrancesco Vivarelli Colonna, also expressed sadness over the death of Cadeddu, expressing “his personal and deep condolences to the entire administration.”

How many Italian soldiers are in Kosovo today? Currently, the maximum annual strength of the national contingent committed to the mission, approved by Italy, is 852 soldiers, 137 ground vehicles and 1 air transport. The mission began a quarter of a century ago, in 1999.

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