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Brother robbed and beaten to death: two brothers arrested

Conversations collected by police during a public order at a local stadium provided the basis for the investigation.

A true horror story. In Locri, province of Reggio Calabria, two brothers, aged 58 and 61, were arrested on charges of ill-treating their 54-year-old brother until his death. Specifically, the two are responsible for abuse likely to aggravate the victim’s medical condition, bodily injury, and misuse of the brother’s credit card.

The 54-year-old man died on April 14 last year in the intensive care unit of Locri Hospital due to cardiovascular arrest associated with a diagnosis of severe sepsis, for which he had been in hospital since March 25.

A curious clue led the police to the trail of the two brothers. Officers from Locri station apparently overheard conversations between local fans at the stadium during a riot detailing the questionable circumstances surrounding the victim’s death. They subsequently obtained the man’s medical records, from which they identified a specific clinical picture characterized by the presence of multiple lesions.

The investigation revealed a series of ongoing reprisals, often resulting in multiple physical attacks that allegedly resulted in death. Those arrested are also accused of misusing the debit card of the deceased during his hospitalization at Lokri Hospital.

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