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Britney Spears admitted she had an abortion at 19

Singer Britney Spears in her memoirs “The Woman in Me” said that at the age of 19 she had an abortion, because at that time her beloved singer Justin Timberlake opposed it. Excerpt from a pop star’s book leads People.

“It was unexpected, but it was not a tragedy for me. I loved Justin and always thought that one day we would have a family. But it happened much earlier than I expected,” Spears said in her memoirs.

The singer noted that Timberlake was not happy about the news of her pregnancy and he said, “we are not ready for the birth of a child, we are too young.” According to Spears, abortion was “one of the most painful things she has experienced in her life.”

The singer’s memoirs will be published on October 24. It is known that Timberlake tried to prevent the publication of the book. At the same time, at the moment he does not comment on the revelations of his ex-lover.

Source: Rambler

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