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Beaten actor Pavel Barshak was discharged from hospital

Actor Pavel Barshak was discharged from a Moscow hospital, where he was admitted after a fight with his girlfriend’s stalker. This was reported by the Mash Telegram channel.

The publication notes that the man insisted on ending the treatment himself; the doctors tried to persuade him to stay. Now the artist will continue his recovery at the clinic at his place of residence. Barshak himself planned to be discharged from the hospital on October 11.

However, on October 13, the Baza Telegram channel reported that the condition of the beaten actor Barshak had worsened. He underwent a computed tomography scan of the chest and revealed negative dynamics of his condition.

On the night of October 8, Barshak was in the apartment with his girlfriend when a 25-year-old acquaintance of the girl climbed onto their balcony. A fight broke out between him and Barshak. According to preliminary data, the attacker was not seriously injured.

After the attack, the artist was in the thoracic department of the hospital with rib fractures, hydrothorax (accumulation of excess fluid in the lungs) and pneumothorax (accumulation of air).

Pavel Barshak became famous thanks to his role in the film “Walk” directed by Alexei Uchitel. He also took part in many other films and TV series, including “Election Day 2”, “Peter FM”, “Yolki 2” and “Kamenskaya”.

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