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An elderly woman was found bound and gagged in a cemetery.

It takes place in Anzio (Rome). The woman was rescued by a municipal employee, who then called 112.

Hands tied, gagged and locked in the family crypt in the cemetery. This happens in Anzio (Rome), where a municipal employee found a 70-year-old woman on the territory of a cemetery. Her purse and car, in which she went to bring flowers to her late husband, were stolen: the police are investigating the case. The discovery took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 25, in a cemetery in Via del Cimitero, on the coast of the Roman province. With her hands tied, confused and her mouth taped shut, the elderly woman was spotted and freed by a municipal employee. Hence the request for intervention by calling 112, when officers from the Anzio Nettuno police station arrived on the scene.

The woman was placed in the care of 118 staff and taken by ambulance to the Riuniti Hospital in Anzio. The shocked 70-year-old woman was interviewed by police and said she was first attacked and then robbed while at the family chapel. The perpetrator or perpetrators then tied her hands, gagged her and locked her in the tomb before escaping in their Fiat 500. CCTV images were obtained from which investigators could obtain information useful to the investigation.

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