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Alibasov commented on Dolina’s criticism of Shatunov

The producer of the “Na-Na” group, Bari Alibasov, commented on the words of People’s Artist of Russia Larisa Dolina, who had previously criticized the lead singer of the “Tender May” group, Yuri Shatunov. About it reports “Paragraph”.

According to Alibasov, Dolina is a talented performer, but has not achieved success in show business.

“I have a good attitude towards Larisa Dolina. Unfortunately, she never got into show business because she was against it. The Valley has not done as well as others. Unfortunately, she worked in a genre that did not bring in money. I think she is very talented. Larisa is a very good professional, but this is not enough for show business. Show business is about an extravagant event. Then everything works out,” he said.

At the same time, Alibasov added that he agrees with Dolina’s opinion regarding “Tender May,” but their opinion means nothing in front of Shatunov’s financial success.

“It’s difficult for me to call “Tender May” artists. You can call them whatever you want. Little depends on you. There are popular artists who have money. The entire world musical culture is based on finance. This is what mass music is created for. The audience was watching them, and these were big wads of money,” he added.

Earlier, Larisa Dolina said that she does not consider Yuri Shatunov a legendary musician.

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