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Agutin demanded a second million from the blogger who slandered him

Leonid Agutin decided to demand payment of legal costs from Tula blogger Ilya Mamaev. They are estimated at 1 million 96 thousand rubles.

Previously, the singer sued Mamaev for a million for moral damage. Back in 2020, a blogger publicly accused the artist of having connections with Freemasons, using “devil’s numbers” and programming people using a video with the song “Turn on the Lights,” – reports gazeta.ru with reference to information from Telegram channels.

Initially, the blogger hid the place of his official registration, so the trial dragged on. But in the end, the claim was completely satisfied in favor of Agutin.

Now the musician wants to return all expenses incurred during the legal battle. Mamaev is being sued for more than a million.

Many representatives of Russian show business, against the backdrop of the departure of their competitors abroad, decided to raise fees for their concerts. The cost of Leonid Agutin’s performance increased 2.5 times – up to 5 million rubles.

Source: Rambler

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