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A woman was beaten and locked in a garage: her husband was arrested

The victim managed to free himself and seek help from the police. The man was tracked down after escaping for less than 24 hours.

Beaten and locked in the garage of her house by her husband. This is exactly the nightmare that a woman from the province of Caserta experienced, who managed to free herself and tell everything to the police. After 24 hours of searches, the military tracked down and stopped the man: a 35-year-old Albanian.

It all happens between Saturday afternoon and Sunday dawn, when the woman managed to escape from prison. According to reports, the woman was subjected to violence and death threats from her husband even in the presence of her 9-year-old son. The man allegedly forced her to follow him to an uninhabited villa in the municipality of Maddaloni, then beat her and locked her in a garage, robbing her of her child (then given to her grandparents).

Carabinieri of the Maddaloni company tracked the 35-year-old man to a house in a town in the province of Caserta, where he had hidden to avoid arrest. He was stopped and taken to the barracks, where he was arrested. He will have to answer for domestic violence, beatings and kidnappings

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