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A car crashes into a guardrail and overturns, killing a 22-year-old man and seriously injuring his pregnant partner.

The dramatic accident occurred on the Magli-Lecce state road. The victim was Stefano Maggio, a bartender originally from Cutrofiano. A girl the same age who was in the car with him was injured: she was taken to the hospital under code red, and she gave birth to a child.

Another terrible accident, another young family destroyed. Another road tragedy occurred this morning, Thursday, October 19, on the Magli-Lecce state road, near the section from San Donato di Lecce to Cavallino. A 22-year-old young man, Stefano Maggio, a bartender originally from Cutrofiano, died: the car in which he was traveling with his peer, nine months pregnant, crashed into a fence, which eventually overturned right at the edge of the roadway.

According to the first reconstruction reported LeccePrima, they were driving at the exit of Galugnano, the village of San Donato di Lecce, and Cavallino on the long bend towards Lecce, near a shopping center located in the area, when they lost control of the car and overturned. on the roadway after a strong impact with the fence. The two, we learned, were on their way to the hospital for a check-up on a girl who had been in pain in the hours leading up to the dramatic event.

Accident on the Magli-Lecce state road: a 22-year-old boy died (Photo LeccePrima)

Emergency services immediately arrived at the scene, notified by motorists who witnessed the accident, as well as firefighters from the regional command and the 118th: the boy who was driving had no choice but to immediately confirm that he had died; However, his pregnant partner, also 22, was taken by ambulance to the Fazzi hospital in Lecce under a code red: her condition was considered serious. Traffic police officers continue to investigate and reconstruct the incident. The Carabinieri were also present on site, controlling traffic during rescue and security operations.

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