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14-year-old girl was chased and groped in the street: she escaped by escaping on a bus

The attack took place on Tuesday afternoon in the CityLife area of ​​Milan. The victim filed a complaint with the police

First contact pretending to want to chat. Then hands on each other, insults. And the escape of the victim, who, despite her age, found the strength to react and save herself. On Tuesday afternoon, a 15-year-old girl was assaulted in the CityLife area of ​​Milan by a man who blocked her in the street and groped her. According to what we have learned from MilanToday, the maniac grabbed the victim when he was walking two steps away from the Palazzo delle Scintille and the shopping center. After following the teenager, the attacker approached her as if he wanted to talk to her, but then pushed her against the wall and began to persistently kiss and feel her private parts.

Fortunately, a few seconds later a bus passed, and a very young girl was ready to run away and get on it, thus managing to escape from the man. It was she who filed a report with the police the next morning, Wednesday, who immediately began an investigation and notified the judicial authorities, who are now investigating the crime of sexual violence.

Violence in a bar in Navigli

Three men, aged 23 to 27, who received notice of closure on Wednesday to close the investigation, are accused of gang sexual assault. The boys are suspected of raped manager who spent the evening on March 21 last year at a club in Navigli owned by two suspects. According to the investigation conducted by the Carabinieri and coordinated by prosecutor Alessia Menegazzo, the young woman was in the company of a friend and could have drunk a lot. The three allegedly took advantage of her condition, took her to a basement near the bar and abused her there. Some of the alleged violence was also filmed on a smartphone and the video was later released.

According to the complaint, the victim woke up in her home with no memory of what happened but in severe pain. At this point, she was visited at the Mangiagalli anti-violence center, which confirmed the report. A complaint was subsequently filed.

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