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10 million a month: footage of Victoria Boni’s daily life

Victoria Bonya in her blog discussed “poor thinking” and talked about income and spending. According to the TV presenter, she earns more than a million dollars a month, so she does not need to be supported, Gazeta.Ru reports.

“I don’t know how much a daddy should offer you in general, and what kind of daddy it should be. So that you can entertain someone else. Of course, I understand that many people are annoyed by independence when people have money. But if you think in such a way that only your daddy can decide your fate, that’s exactly what will happen in this life,” the star wrote.

Bonya also criticized people with “poor thinking” who, because of this, cannot believe in the self-sufficiency of women.

Next, the TV presenter spoke about her monthly expenses. According to Victoria’s calculations, in June she spent more than 6.3 million rubles, in July – 9 million, and in August – about 16.7 million. The star clarified that these were expenses only from a Russian card.

We study footage of the rich life of the TV personality – in the Rambler gallery.

Source: Rambler

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