Tretyak responded to Putin’s words about “hockey businessmen” who take young Russian hockey players abroad

The head of the Russian Hockey Federation (RHF), Vladislav Tretyak, in a conversation with Match TV, commented on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement about “hockey businessmen” and noted that the FHR follows the instructions of the head of state.

On Thursday, Putin asked Tretyak and the Russian Sports Ministry to investigate the situation in which young Russian hockey players move to foreign leagues.

“Putin’s words about agents and brokers taking children abroad were widely shared. You’ve been talking about this for a long time.

“We do everything we can to pay attention to young people so that they don’t go away.” At Sirius there is a whole program that brings together hockey players aged 15, 17 and 18. We pay attention to them.

Why was the limit introduced in the KHL? How many young people have appeared in the league? Previously, all Finns and Swedes played in front row teams. Young people are now also reaching the second and third levels. We follow his instructions.

— Will things go even faster after Putin’s words?

“I think so,” Tretyak told Match TV.

Source: Rambler

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