The Afghan national team managed to reach the 2026 World Cup qualifying tournament without a coach.

The Afghan national football team without a coach defeated the Mongolia team in the 2026 World Cup qualification. Under the leadership of coach Abdullah Al-Mutairi, the players refused to work, entered the field and won 1-0. BNN reports this.

According to the source, the captain of the Afghan national team expressed the opinion of several team players to the coach, saying that they refused to train under his leadership. In addition, the players did not want Al-Mutairi to lead the national team and sit on the bench. The players reportedly repeatedly complained to the local association about their coach, but no action was taken.

After another conflict, Al-Mutairi refused to fill out an application for the match, wanting to hand the Afghan team a technical defeat. Players were able to complete and submit the document on time, allowing them to participate in the game.

Since spring 2022, the Russian national team has no longer taken part in international tournaments and only organizes friendly matches. In October, the Russians defeated Cameroon and tied with Kenya.

Previously, the result of the match between the Russian national team and Kenya was not called shameful.

Source: Rambler

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