Self-proclaimed Corona source: “I made everything up about Zalewski”

“I made everything up about Zalewski.” In an interview with the Cerberus podcast hosted by Mr. Marra, a man with a covered face speaks who claims to be the source of Fabrizio Corona. And he has no doubts about the Roma player: the Giallorossi winger has nothing to do with the betting case. Zalewski was raised by the former king of the paparazzi, but now the alleged source denies everything.

“The information is false, I have no evidence, I’m talking complete nonsense. What was I hoping for? He told me that we would meet in Rome and talk about compensation, 20 thousand euros for information without art or detail. accepted because I had economic difficulties. But I realized that it was immoral.” At this time, the identity of Corona’s source remains unknown. And so there’s no way to know if the person speaking on the podcast is actually a self-proclaimed “deep throat.” What is certain is that the name of Nikola Zalevsha is not on the register of suspects. Not only. As we have already written, no elements have been found against him that link him to the betting case.

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Source: Today

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