Samuel Dilas died at age 24. Pneumonia and thrombosis: investigation underway on suspicion of manslaughter

It will be necessary to clarify the death of Samuel Dilas, a 24-year-old player of the Serie B basketball team Virtus Lumezzane, who died in the Civil Hospital in Brescia after an illness on Friday, October 13th. The Brescia prosecutor’s office has opened a case of manslaughter against unknown persons. The young man was hospitalized with the consequences of a thrombosis that affected his leg. Just a few days earlier, he had been in hospital with severe pneumonia: he had been discharged but was still feeling unwell at home several hours later. He was urgently transferred, he was immediately operated on, but this was not enough. As already mentioned, the Brescia prosecutor’s office opened a manslaughter case for this incident without any suspects. An autopsy has already been carried out: pending a forensic report, the first rumors will confirm death as a result of thrombosis (complete or partial occlusion of blood vessels).

Meanwhile, the last few hours have seen a sad pilgrimage of friends, fans and teammates to Benedini’s farewell room in Lumezzane: here poor Samuel, who died at just 24, remained until the evening before resuming his journey towards Guastalla. and finally Novellara, the town in the province of Reggio Emilia where he was born and raised and where the funeral will take place on Thursday afternoon.

Samuel Dilas was a gentle giant, 206 centimeters tall and weighing 106 kg. Born in 1999, he was for three years a key player in LuxArm Lumezzane, the legendary Virtus: originally from Novellara, he began his career playing for Unieuro Forlì, with whom he also debuted in Serie A2, before moving to Scandone Avellino and, finally, from 2021/2022 the Lumezzane team.

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