Roman Kostomarov posted a video from a training session

Figure skater Roman Kostomarov posted a video from the gym on his Telegram channel. The training process is commented with the words: “It’s terrible how easy it is.”

The video footage shows the Olympic champion working hard on a machine. His actions are watched by his wife, figure skater Oksana Domnina.

She encourages her husband and encourages him to keep swinging. Kostomarov finishes his training tired.

Recall that in the winter of 2023, doctors amputated the athlete’s legs and fingers due to sepsis that developed due to pneumonia. After leaving the hospital, Roman began to be actively involved in healthcare. He constantly posts motivational videos on social networks.

The skater’s subscribers warmly welcomed the publication. They called the Roman handsome and wished him good health.

Commentators emphasized that Roman Sergeyevich Kostomarov was “an example of will, courage and hard work,” an Olympic champion not only in sports but also in life.

Previously, actor Alexei Karpov said that the figure skater is still strong, healthy and kind. At the same time, he often has noticeable sadness and tiredness in his eyes.

Source: Rambler

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