Istikol goalkeeper Yatimov said he insulted Ronaldo in Russian

Istiklol football club goalkeeper Rustam Yatimov spoke about a dispute with Portuguese striker Al-Nasr Cristiano Ronaldo. “Championship” reports on Yatimov’s words.

“Ronaldo got a little nervous because we dragged the game out. We started insulting each other. Ronaldo gestured and I said something. The dialogue started in Russian, but I realized he didn’t understand it, haha. Then Serbian and English were used. But after that we hugged, talked and continued playing,” Yatimov said.

The match took place on October 2 and ended in a victory for Al-Nasr with a score of 3-1. Ronaldo scored a goal.

Ronaldo played 979 games in all competitions during his club career, scoring 726 goals and registering 231 assists. As part of the Portuguese national team, he took the field 202 times, scored 125 goals and gave 44 assists.

On October 13, Ronaldo, as part of the Portuguese national team, defeated the national team of Slovakia (3:2) in a qualifying match for the European Championship. The 38-year-old footballer scored a brace. Thanks to this victory, the Portuguese reached the 2024 European Championship early.

Source: Rambler

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