Former Lokomotiv president Naumov cited the main complaint against Galaktionov

The former president of Moscow “Lokomotiv” Nikolai Naumov, in a conversation with “Sport Day by Day” correspondent Andrei SUETOV, called discoveries and disappointments in the composition of “Railway Workers” and spoke about the future of Lokomotiv head coach Mikhail Galaktionov.

– It seems to me that the whole locomotive is the opening of the season. Galaktionov seems to be able to somehow stabilize the team and make the game. I really like that they brought back Silyanov. I see him as a very strong defender. I would call Karpukas a discovery at Lokomotiv. This guy seemed to quietly join the lineup, but today I think he cements the entire middle of Lokomotiv. It’s a big plus that we have a player like that. Lantratov is also very impressed. “The fact that Guilherme was removed didn’t make me very happy, but the way Lantratov behaves makes me very happy,” noted Naumov.

– Who, on the other hand, still disappoints?

– I was upset that Pinyaev lost something. But that’s typical for young soccer players: They can’t play all games consistently. However, this is not a failure. We have to expect more from Gluschenkov – that’s the first thing. Secondly, the situation with Kulikov upset me because I saw that the guy could develop into a great football player, but he was lost. And the third who now disappoints is Rybchinsky. I always thought he would play tomorrow, but he also stopped growing.

– In the last two seasons at Lokomotiv there were coaching changes throughout the season. Do you think Galaktionov has a good chance of completing his work before the summer of 2024?

– Galaktionov has to play until the end of the season. But of course there are complaints against him. Galaktionov is a strong coach, but his problem is that he doesn’t know how to influence the result during a break in the game. If you see that the first half didn’t work out, you have to make sure that a completely different team comes out in the second half. Unfortunately, Galaktionov does not have such an ability. He’s a young coach, so you can forgive him a lot. But I don’t think Lokomotiv is thinking about resigning.

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