Faizullaev: I have been a fan of Barcelona since childhood and would like to play there in the future

CSKA football player Abbosbek Faizullaev admitted that in the future he dreams of becoming a player of the Catalan Barcelona, ​​​​of which he has been a fan since childhood.

“Which foreign clubs do I sympathize with? I have been a Barcelona fan since I was a child and watch their games. Lionel Messi is my idol. I also like Philippe Coutinho’s playing style. This is my favorite club. I’ve never been to Camp Nou but I’d like to play there in the future. I strive for it. However, it’s not time to talk about it yet. Now I’m used to CSKA, I want to play here and I’m fully focused on helping the team.

My strength is working with the ball. But physics and wrestling need to be improved. There is a lot of fighting in Russian football, you have to get used to it, in this sense the championship is more difficult,” Bobsoccer quotes Faizullaev.

Source: Rambler

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