“Championship” launches a new service “Championship Tournaments”

The Championship portal, which brings together millions of sports fans every month and leads the monthly audience in the sports segment of Runet, expands its range of services for sports fans with a new product – Competition organization service “Champion tournaments”.

How do “championship tournaments” work?

Organize competitions in various sports – for your friends, colleagues and the sports community! Each user has the ability to keep statistics about their tournament, conduct draws, track tournament series and calendars, and combine competition phases for individual and team sports.

“Championship Tournaments” will become an assistant for all sports enthusiasts who want to organize an amateur competition or keep statistics on national championships. Statistics of all participants are stored in a single database.

At the same time, the service offers tournament participants the opportunity to enter results independently and have them confirmed by the organizer. You can already create tournaments for EA FC, NBA 2K24, NHL24, UFC, tennis, soccer and table tennis. Next year the plan is to cover all popular sports.

“Championship continues to develop its range of services that help our users delve deeper into the world of sports. Now we not only want to help you find out about and take part in competitions, but also organize them. First of all, “Champ.Tournaments” is a product for every sports fan who organizes or wants to organize their own competitions. We are sure that many amateur leagues and championships will want to publish their tournament statistics on,” said Anton Suchkov, general manager of the championship.

“We launched “Champ.Tournaments” in the open beta testing phase in order to quickly receive feedback from our users and work with them to make the service more interesting and useful. Today everyone can participate in EA FC 24 and tennis tournaments, as well as create and host their own tournament,” said Oleg Nikolaev, head of the “Champ.Tournaments” product.

The All-Russian tournament for children from orphanages and boarding schools “The Game of Your Dreams” became one of the first partners of the service, as director Anton Stremenovsky said: “I would like to congratulate the “Championship” on the launch of a new interesting and useful service “Championship Tournaments”. I am very glad that we had the opportunity to become one of the first users. I think that this service will make our Game of Your Dreams tournament even more interesting for participants and will also allow them to quickly receive all the necessary information about the competition.”

Source: Rambler

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