Champions League: RC Lens takes one point against PSV

RC Lens picked up their fifth point in the Champions League against PSV Eindhoven on Tuesday, October 24. Lençois started with a classic 3-4-3, a formation that has proven itself in the first two Champions League games. PSV started the game in a 4-3-3 formation. In the first few minutes of the game, PSV continued to apply high pressure, preventing Lençois from getting the ball out. RC Lens was still able to escape the opponent’s pressure at times, such as when Frankkovsky’s cross was eventually intercepted by Benitez (5th), which was a good first move.

In the process, Sang and others naturally gained an advantage. Sotoca served deep and then sent a tight cross into the opponent’s area. Machado flat-footed the ball at the far post and Benitez tried to deflect it away (8th time). PSV created no danger, as its first corner was easily taken by Samba (12th). RC Lens had several near misses (13th, 17th) but seemed to perform well in the race.

Lens’ defense was in good shape but lacked bite at the start of the game in front of a lively crowd that constantly supported the team. PSV even became more and more dominant in the game, getting closer and closer to Lens. The Netherlands could not even open the score at their first real chance: Lozano tried a curling shot, but it hit the Samba post (27th). PSV already had the ball (57% in the 35th minute) and Lençois suffered from their opponents of the evening. Even the corner kick earned by Sotoka couldn’t provide enough air for Sang and Orr (38th).

RC Lens could only rely on set pieces to get rid of the Dutch team’s control: Vahi received an off-center free kick from more than 30 meters away, and Fulgini was responsible for hitting it. The latter found Danso in the opponent’s penalty area, but the Rençois defender rebounded the ball high… The ball flew into the sky at the Boralte Stadium (42nd match). Finally, at half-time, the score between RC Lens and PSV Eindhoven was quite logically 0-0 at the Borat Stadium. The Dutch dominated, while the San and Orr suffered.

Vashi responds to Bakayoko

The 22 actors return to the stage and the audience sings Pierre Bachelet’s traditional song “Les Corons.” PSV returned to the game with the same intention as in the first half. The Dutch team controlled the game. Lozano even had a shudder in the Lens defense, but Gradit countered his shot well and deflected it for a corner (50th). Dest then found Bakayoko, whose volley was easily caught by Samba (No. 54).

The danger for RC Lens was getting closer, the threat hovering in the air became a reality: Bakayoko was found on the right side of the entrance to the Lens area and fired a curling ball into the small net opposite the Samba team (55th field), 0-1). Unstoppable. Can this conceded goal sound like a wake-up call for the Sanao team? Lençois’ reaction was long overdue. She was shy at first, like this cross that Vashi wrote to Fulgini. But the header is not dangerous (59th time).

Soon after, we witnessed a beautiful movement from Lens reaching Frankovsky. The latter made a low pass and passed it back to Vashi, who immediately launched an attack. But the ball almost crossed Benitez’s goal (goal 60). Lençois coach Frank Haise felt his team needed fresh blood and decided to make three changes at the hour mark (63rd hour). Since PSV’s goal, São Paulo seemed to be slowly but surely waking up. We felt that an equalizer was not far away, and what was supposed to happen happened: after receiving a cross from Frankowski, Vahi volleyed with his right foot from the outside of the near post (65th minute, 1-1).

RC Lens had ignited the game for several minutes and PSV were never able to regain possession of the ball. The Borat Stadium was already hot and it had received more votes since the team’s equalizer. Tired scorer Vahi gave way to Jilavoji (72nd). RC Lens returned in this game, but due to Medina’s mistake in front of the Lens penalty area, the team was in danger again… Wellman made a clever shot, and the Lens wall almost deflected the ball for a corner kick (79th time).

Before the last 10 minutes of regular time, both teams seemed to want to tie the game at 2-1, which was equivalent to an extra 3 points. The Sangho team did not disarm: Medina shot at the entrance to the PSV penalty area, but the ball narrowly escaped Benitez’s crossbar (82nd time). In the last few minutes, PSV made several tremors in the Lens area (87th, 90th). But the Blood Gold team persisted until the end of stoppage time. Lens was unbeaten in three games before the return phase of qualifying.

Source: France24

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