🔴 Follow the 2024 Tour de France route announcement in real time

Starting from Florence, three stages in Italy, and finally arriving in Nice…what about the middle? On Wednesday 25 October, organizers Amaury Sports Organization (ASO) will hold their grand annual gathering to showcase the 21 stages of the 2024 event, as well as the Great Women’s Tour stage scheduled for August.

Therefore, the Tour de France will start a week earlier than usual on June 29 for three weeks of racing.He will depart from abroad on the 26the This is the third consecutive time in history, following Copenhagen in 2022 and Bilbao this year.

We’ll also know the route of the Women’s Tour de France, which will also be influenced by the Olympics and will also start abroad, starting in Rotterdam. Previously an extension of the men’s tour, the tournament will start on August 12 and is expected to arrive on August 18, possibly in the Alps.

Source: France24

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