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Xiaomi will release its own Hyper OS operating system even for the flagship Mi 10, which has been removed from official support

Xiaomi surprised its users by announcing that the Mi 10 series of smartphones will receive an update to the new Hyper OS operating system.

This is a statement from the CEO Xiaomi Lei Jun came as a real surprise as the Mi 10 series was previously listed as an EOS (End-Of-Support) device, which means the end of official support and updates.

The Mi 10 series includes four different models: Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10 Ultra and Mi 10S. These devices are known for their high performance, impressive cameras and stylish designs.

However, once they were listed on EOS, the fate of future updates for these devices became uncertain.

Note that it is still unclear when exactly the Mi 10 series will receive the update to Hyper OS and what features will be included in this update.

Source: Rambler

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