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Weapons from the Time of Troubles found in Russia

Archaeologists from the Kulikovo Field State Museum-Reserve in the Tula region discovered a rare weapon from the late 16th – early 17th centuries. The found steel claw, decorated with silver, according to researchers, could have belonged to a representative of the upper class, such as a prince or governor of the Time of Troubles. Such finds are extremely rare for Central Russia, the museum’s press service told RIA Novosti.

Klevets is a melee weapon for close combat with one hundredRwith a beak-shaped protrusion for precision strikes. Klevtsy were widespread among the Polish gentry and were also found among the Russian nobility.

“The find that I am currently restoring is made of steel and has a beak-shaped protrusion on one side and a hammer-shaped protrusion on the other. The original weight of the artifact before restoration was 382 grams,” said restorer Vitaly Shmelev.

Scientists believe that this find from the Tula region is associated with the era of the Time of Troubles, since earlier in the forests of the Zasechnaya Line there were already individual weapons of that time, for example, a Polish-Hungarian saber from the late 16th – early 17th centuries.

Similar klevtsy from the Tula region are kept in the museum collections of the Armory Chamber, the State Historical Museum, the Hermitage and the Artillery Museum. Basically, these are items that are ceremonial weapons and symbolize the status of their owners.

Source: Rambler

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