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The Xiaomi 14 Pro advertising brochure revealed the characteristics of the company’s new flagship

The Xiaomi 14 series is one of the most anticipated among fans of the brand.

And now, thanks to leaked advertising materials, we have learned the key characteristics of the model Xiaomi 14 Pro.

The information appeared thanks to one of the Weibo users who shared an image of the advertising booklet for the upcoming flagship Xiaomi. It shows the model number 23116PN5BC, which confirms that we are talking about Xiaomi 14 Pro.

One of the main features Xiaomi The 14 Pro will feature a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, which is expected to launch on October 24.


Immediately after this we can expect the official announcement of the entire series Xiaomi 14. In addition, the new product will retain the IP68 dust and moisture protection standard, like its predecessor Xiaomi 13 Pro, and will also receive Dolby Vision.Atmos and Hi-Res and Hi-Res Wireless Audio certification.

Expected that Xiaomi The 14 Pro will also retain the 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor from the previous model, but this time the company is using improved lenses Leica Summilux, which should provide even higher image quality.

Finally, the smartphone will come with a new operating system XiaomiHyperOS, based on Android and Xiaomi Vela.

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