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The new iPhone 15 fell in price in Russia by a third in a month

The cost of the iPhone 15 in Russia fell a month after it went on sale. This was reported by the Izvestia newspaper with reference to Yandex data.

Thus, the iPhone 15 with 128 gigabytes of memory has fallen in price since the end of last month by 15% to 82.5 thousand rubles, the version with 256 gigabytes of memory has fallen in price by 28% – to 128.5 thousand rubles. The cost of the iPhone 15 Pro Max with similar memory has dropped by the same amount.

Market participants attribute the price reduction to the fact that there is no shortage of new Apple gadgets. According to business analyst of the Fplus IT holding Arthur Makhlayuk, this may also be due to the start of active sales of new Apple products on marketplaces, where smartphones brought to the Russian Federation not only through parallel, but also gray imports are presented.

Earlier it was reported that the American company Apple sent a letter to Russian developers indicating that they can now provide their users with the opportunity to pay for in-app purchases through third-party payment services. Previously, iPhone users discovered an issue in iOS 17.0.3 that caused photos and contact names to randomly disappear.

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