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The neural network predicted the beginning of World War III in the Middle East

The confrontation between Hamas and the IDF will most likely lead to a humanitarian catastrophe in the macroregion, the Predictor/W neural network predicted. The portal writes about this “Federal Press”.

According to the portal, this neural network was created for the purpose of analyzing the military-political situation on the planet. She bases her forecasts on the basis of military theories, studying social media and a closed survey of famous military and political experts.

In 2020–2021, she predicted a crisis in the Middle East and the possibility of nuclear testing.

The network considers it highly probable (more than 0.72) that the war between Hamas and Israel will escalate into a humanitarian and migration catastrophe on the continent.

According to the service’s forecast, it is highly probable (0.69) that Iran/Lebanon will collide with Israel/the United States in a direct military confrontation. The AI ​​described this conflict as “the start of World War III.”

The PLA’s invasion of Taiwan and its return by military means of the network seems to be moderately probable (no more than 0.52).

Let us recall that analysts have repeatedly predicted the escalation of the conflict in the Middle East, its expansion throughout the entire macroregion.

Source: Rambler

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