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Russian satellites will secure navigation on Earth

Newly created CubeSat spacecraft developed by Moscow State Technical University (MSTU) can play an important role in ensuring the safety of maritime navigation. These small satellites can provide more information about ships than conventional ground stations. The system, developed by scientists from MSTU, not only helps prevent ship collisions, but also provides ships and coastal services with valuable navigation and voyage information.

Small satellites such as Khors No. 1, Khors No. 2, Yarilo No. 3 and Yarilo No. 4 send the received data to Morsvyaz-Satellite, an organization that works in the interests of the Russian sea and river fleet. They provide reception and processing of information from various sources, including ships and satellites. These small spacecraft have collected information that is difficult to obtain from conventional ground stations.

MSTU im. N. E. Bauman developed and created small spacecraft and software for their data. These satellites were sent into orbit in 2023 as part of the UniverSat program, supported by the Roscosmos State Corporation. This program is designed to help Russian universities develop and launch small spacecraft and introduce new technologies.

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