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Russian cosmonauts spent more than seven hours aboard the ISS

Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Nikolai Chub performed a spacewalk. They spent more than seven hours aboard the ISS and successfully returned to the station. This exit was the sixth in 2023.

The cosmonauts turned off the hydraulic circuits of the additional radiation heat exchanger on the Nauka module, including the leaky circuit, from where on October 9, 2023 there was a coolant leak. They photographed the leak so that experts on Earth could find the cause of the leak.

In addition, Kononenko and Chub installed a small-sized radar for Earth observation on the Nauka module (the experiment was organized in the interests of environmental management, environmental control and emergency monitoring) and launched a student nanosatellite provided by MSTU. Bauman to test the technology for deploying solar sails, Roscosmos reports.

In September 2023 Russian-American crew returned to Earth after a year-long expedition. The crew stayed at the station for a record 371 days.

Source: Rambler

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