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Rosobrnadzor wants to use a neural network to detect violations on the Unified State Examination

Starting from the next academic year, Rosobrnadzor wants to pass final papers from all regions of the Russian Federation on the Unified State Exam (USE) through a neural network. This was announced by the head of the department, Anzor Muzaev, Interfax reports.

During an all-Russian meeting with parents, he said that the final decision on a graduate’s job will not be made by artificial intelligence. He will only record and mark, and the moderator, based on this data, will be able to decide whether the student used the phone or the cheat sheet or not.

According to him, there are no plans to transfer other natural science subjects, such as physics, chemistry or specialized mathematics, to the computer format for taking the Unified State Exam. Now only computer science exams are taken on a computer, Muzaev clarified.

Earlier, he said that schools would not conduct all-Russian testing in foreign languages. However, CDFs in other subjects will remain, he assured.

In addition, there will be nuances with 11 grades, they are now in the process of discussion, as well as changes related to the procedure for conducting the VPR, so that there is a convenient format for preparing and planning the schedule for schools and teachers, Muzaev said.

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