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Roskomnadzor spoke out about blocking YouTube in Russia

Recently, the issue of possible blocking of the popular video hosting YouTube has been actively discussed in Russia.

Chapter Roskomnadzor Andrey Lipov expressed his position on this matter, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balance between the interests of Russian users and the need to regulate content.

Lipov noted that YouTube is a platform on which Russians actively watch videos, and it is important to take this fact into account when making blocking decisions.

“The question is about the reasonableness of the measures: will we get more negative or positive from the fact that YouTube will be blocked. A balance is needed, and my colleagues who are responsible for this and I are trying to maintain this balance,” he said.

However, in October the deputy State Duma Oleg Matveychev expressed the opinion that the blocking YouTube in Russia will become possible if a worthy Russian analogue of video hosting appears.

Source: Rambler

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