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NASA plans to build a colony on the Moon in 2040

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plans to build a colony on the surface of the Moon in 2040. It is planned to use 3D printing technology and lunar soil in the construction. About it reports The New York Times.

It is noted that NASA is currently developing a special lunar 3D printer that can be used to build residential modules based on lunar soil. The space agency believes that this technology will significantly reduce the cost of colonization, since colonists will not need to transport significant amounts of building materials from Earth.

Texas construction company ICON, which has experience in 3D printing residential buildings on Earth, is also involved in the development of the technology. At the same time, experts emphasize that to build on the Moon, this technology will have to be invented “from scratch,” since lunar conditions are too different from those on Earth.

NASA expects to begin construction of a lunar colony in 2040. And already in 2024, the agency plans to create a special simulation of lunar conditions for testing construction equipment.

Previously, NASA tested an updated rocket engine for flights to the Moon.

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