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Jackery portable photovoltaic mini kit with solar panels and battery for 449 euros

Tested is a portable kit consisting of 40 W solar panels and a 288 Wh power station.

Our journey into the world of power plants and portable solar panels continues. Simple and complete power generation and storage solutions for use at home or while traveling.

After consideration Explorer 3000 Pro and SolarSaga 200 kitsToday we return to our conversation with Jackery with a test of the Solar Generator 300 Plus kit. A kit consisting of a 288 Wh Explorer 300 Plus battery power station and SolarSaga 40W Mini portable solar panels.

So let’s analyze all the features and characteristics of this kit.

Jackery Explorer 300 Plus Power Station

The 300 Plus features a modern and sophisticated design, starting with its black and orange plastic body. The Explorer 300 Plus is made from flame retardant material, is shock resistant (3 times dropped from 0.9m) and features high temperature protection (60°C).

We continue with the durable folding plastic handle, which makes the power station easy to transport.

Let’s move to the front panel, where we find three power buttons (general, AC and DC) and a color LCD panel that displays battery percentage, charging time, incoming and outgoing current, active connections and various status icons.

Let us now understand the various sockets and ports available. Let’s start with USB-A (max. 15 W, 5 V/3 A) and two USB-C (up to 100 W, 5 V/3 A, 9 V/3 A, 12 V/3 A, 15 V/3 A , 20V/5A), one of which can also be used to charge the power station. We continue with the car cigarette lighter socket (12V/10A) and the Shuko 300W AC socket (600W peak, equipped with a rubber door). There is also a low-power LED emergency light with SOS function on the front side. Finally, we remind you about the AC input on the right side for charging the power station (built-in power supply).

The 300 Plus is equipped with a 288 Wh LFP battery, guaranteed for 1500 charging cycles and a remaining capacity of 80%. A power plant capable of powering devices with a total continuous power consumption of 300 W. We also remember Jackery’s ChargeShield technology, which uses an advanced charging algorithm to improve safety and increase battery life by 50%.

The power plant is also equipped with EPS function (20 ms) and a battery management system with temperature control via a built-in fan and short circuit protection.

Let’s not forget the dimensions 23.1 x 15.4 x 16.8 cm, weight 3.75 kg.
Finally, the package includes a manual in Italian, a 3m proprietary cable for connecting to the solar panels and a cable with Schuko socket for AC charging.


The 300 Plus can be controlled remotely via the official Jackery app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

An application in Italian that allows you to monitor the state of charge of the battery, its temperature, operating time, as well as the flow of input and output current. Using the app, you can activate various AC and DC ports and sockets, as well as adjust the display backlight time. In the settings we find the option to enable slow and silent charging, as well as a battery saving mode that extends battery life. With this software, users can also update the power station’s firmware, set the unit’s auto shutdown timer, and view the digital user manual.

However, it is not possible to turn the power plant on and off remotely.

SolarSaga 40W Mini Mini Portable Solar Panels

In the Solar Generator 300 Plus kit we also find a portable solar panel SolarSaga 40W Mini, consisting of 4 elements that can be easily folded.

This is a 40W panel, unfortunately without a carrying handle or back supports to support and tilt the panels. It also uses a proprietary connector to connect to the power station via the included 3m cable. The panel is IP68 certified for water and dust resistance, dimensions 252 x 300 x 2.5 mm (folded) and 970 x 300 x 20 mm (opened), weighing 1.2 kg. Finally, the panel characteristics: supply voltage 19.0A; supply current 2.1A; open circuit voltage 24V; short circuit current 2.2A.

User experience, performance and price

Let’s move on to our user experience, starting with the 300 Plus battery, with the overall opinion being the highest. Compact power station, well designed but with reduced power, capable of charging various types of electrical and electronic devices, with a power consumption of 300 W. The power station is suitable for outdoor and camping use, but can also be used for indoor activities, for example. in case of power outage. A product with a limited number of outlets and ports, with the ability to power up to 4 devices simultaneously. For example, the 300 Plus is capable of recharging a mobile phone 13 times (29 W), a drone 5 times (90 W), and powering a mini-fridge for 2.5 hours (90 W).

As for charging, it takes two hours to fully charge from a wall outlet, 5.5 hours from a car cigarette lighter (USB-C cable not included), 4 hours via USB-C and over 10 hours from the i solar panel. SolarSaga 40W Mini. panels. Let’s not forget the app, complete and easy to use.

The product is easy to carry, including thanks to the folding handle. Good display rating, bright and easy to read. It’s a pity that there is no protection for the USB ports and the cigarette lighter socket. There is also no wireless charging system for smartphones and other compatible devices.

Let’s now move on to the SolarSaga 40W Mini solar panels, with a rating bordering on sufficiency. Well designed panels, easy to use, but with a noticeable reduction in power. Under optimal conditions, a power of only about 30 W can be achieved. Panels that, unfortunately, use a cable with a proprietary connector that is not available in the power plant. So to connect to the 300 Plus you’ll need to use the included USB-C adapter, which is small and easy to lose.

Another serious issue is the lack of rear supports, which greatly complicates the installation of the panels, since they are only equipped with lugs for possible vertical fixation. It also lacks a carrying handle.

Finally, the Solar Generator 300 Plus kit, consisting of the Explorer 300 Plus battery power station and SolarSaga 40W Mini portable solar panels, is priced at 449 euros.

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