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Izvestia: cellular networks along roads will be powered by electricity

In Russia, it will be easier for mobile operators to connect communication towers to power grids along highways. The Federation Council (FC) is going to appeal to the Ministry of Energy with a proposal to develop legal acts necessary for the prompt connection of communication facilities to power grids.

“The Council for the Development of the Digital Economy under the Federation Council is under the leadership of First Vice-Speaker Andrei Turchak. The working group of the Council intends to entrust the Ministry of Energy with the development of documentation that will facilitate the connection of communication facilities along highways,” they write “News”with a link to the document.

The publication’s source notes that in the regions, base stations along highways have not been able to connect to electricity for years due to various delays. Energy workers often lack incentives to cooperate. The Federation Council’s proposals are related to the establishment of exact deadlines for the response of energy workers to requests from cellular operators.

Previously, the analyst explained the reason for the price increase for the services of mobile operators in Russia. Over the past two years, the cost of equipment has increased two and a half times, and tariffs for everyone have increased by 9%. They have no money left for development.

Source: Rambler

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