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It has been established which of Homo sapiens inherited more Neanderthal genes

Anthropologists from the University of Geneva studied more than 4,000 ancient genomes of representatives of Europe and Asia and found that Homo sapiens who lived in Asia inherited more Neanderthal genes (4%) than their relatives from Europe (2%). The results of the study were presented in the journal Science Advances.

It is known that Neanderthals interbred with Homo sapiens. Scientists expected that Europeans would have more Neanderthal genes, since the main Neanderthal sites were in Europe. The analysis showed that 40 thousand years ago this was exactly the case, but then Homo exterminated almost all Neanderthals, after which interbreeding with them was impossible.

Nothing like this happened in East Asia: people who came there 10 thousand years ago began to interbreed with Homo sapiens with a large share of the DNA of the Neanderthals who came there earlier. And there was no one to dilute their genome. However, scientists believe that East Asians may have interbred with other populations of Neanderthals in places still unknown to science.

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