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iPhone 15 overheats, Apple takes action: here’s how

The Cupertino giant has released an update for iOS 17, which should solve a number of critical problems with the new Apple smartphones.

Concerns were recorded already in the first days after the official release of new Apple smartphones. In fact, many users have noticed that the top-end iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max tend to overheat after prolonged use due to the processor located at the back. The Cupertino giant itself confirmed the problem, which now seems to be resolved.

iPhone 15 overheats: problem solved?

In fact, with the software update to iOS 17.0.3. the company says there have been “bug fixes,” “security updates” and a resolution to a critical issue “that may have caused the iPhone to overheat as expected.” At the same time, an important update was released for the iPad.

iOS 17 on iPhone: how to install the new operating system

But why did the new iPhone 15 tend to generate too much heat? Apple attributed the problem to, on the one hand, a bug in the operating system, and on the other hand, to the “power consumption” of some applications that were constantly running and eventually made the smartphones excessively hot. Apple has said that devices should update themselves; if they don’t, users will have to check for the update in System Settings.

To address the issues, Apple has also partnered with the developers of some of the most used apps (Uber, Instagram, etc.) to put an end to constant power consumption. However, the company has refuted the observations of some analysts – most notably Ming-Chi Kuo – who have hypothesized that overheating of the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max may be due to some unspecified critical issues “in the design of the thermal system.” On this point, Cupertino was clear: “The problem is purely a software problem.”

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