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In Russia, the site of the clash between Tatars and Russian soldiers on the Kulikovo Field was established

Russian archaeologists have established the site of the clash between Tatars and Russian soldiers on the Kulikovo Field, RIA Novosti writes.

As archaeologists learned, another military clash took place on this field, which took place in 1542 during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, 162 years after the Battle of Kulikovo.

Historians have discovered references to the second Battle of Kulikovo in the Nikon vault of the 16th century. According to data in August 1542, Tatar troops attacked the Ryazan land, and Russian commanders were able to repel their attack, forcing the Tatars to retreat. However, until recently the location of this collision remained unknown.

Archaeologists from the Kulikovo Field State Museum-Reserve were able to solve this puzzle. For several years they carried out excavations on the Kulikovo field and discovered artifacts related to this event.

We found two misyurkas – combined helmets of the Caucasian type, made of chain mail rings with a crown made of round metal. Moreover, one of them was intact, with a silver “everything” – carved inlay. They found a richly decorated mace, which most likely belonged to Tatar military leaders. We also found various types of spearheads of the 15th and 16th centuries, chain mail, battle axes – reeds and a lot of other items that are associated not with the Battle of Kulikovo, but with later episodes of military confrontation with nomads. Andrey Naumov Deputy Director for Scientific Work of the State Museum-Reserve “Kulikovo Pole”

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