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Health dangers of loneliness revealed

Scientists at the American Cancer Society have uncovered the health risks of living alone. It found that adults who live alone have an average 32 percent greater risk of fatal cancer than those who live with other people. About it reports Health News publication.

The researchers analyzed data from 1998 to 2019 for more than 473,000 adults obtained from the US National Health Interview Survey. About 38 million people lived alone in 2020, up from 7 million in 1960, according to the survey. Adults living alone were more likely to be male, have serious psychological distress or severe obesity, and smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol.

The association between loneliness and fatal cancer outcomes was stronger among whites with high levels of education than among ethnic minorities and adults with lower levels of education. The rate was 38 percent higher for men and 30 percent higher for women. This result may indicate that high social support from ethnic minorities may have weakened this relationship.

It was previously reported that researchers from the QIMR Berghofer Institute for Medical Research have proven a link between baldness and skin cancer. Part of this connection is explained by long exposure to the sun.

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