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Harvard scientists have created waterproof metal

Scientists from the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have created a waterproof metal that remains dry under water for more than 200 days. Video recording of the invention appeared on the educational institution’s YouTube channel.

According to scientists, this development was inspired by the silver spider, the special structure of whose hairs allows it to live under water, creating an air barrier between it and the water. They managed to obtain just such a layer from a titanium alloy, the surface of which was subjected to electrochemical oxidation, grinding with sand and steel, heating and subsequent cooling.

This plate was then bent and placed in water for 208 days. During this time, the metal remained dry, and bacteria developed less on it.

It is expected that the resulting material will prevent corrosion of underwater pipelines and sensors, and can also be used in the creation of biomedical devices.

Source: Rambler

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