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Crusader-era sword discovered in Finland

In Finland, a farmer from the town of Salo-Pertteli discovered a rare find – a sword from the Crusades era, which, it is possible, could have belonged to a knight.

About the opening tells The History Blog. The discovery was made last summer in southwestern Finland. A farmer unearthed a not very well preserved sword in his field. He reported the discovery to the authorities. Archaeologists examined the field and discovered a previously unknown medieval cemetery. They suggest that the sword was in one of the graves.

It has a straight handle with a triangular oval pommel. Based on the type of weapon, experts dated it to the period from 1050 to 1150, that is, the era of the Crusaders. According to Juho Ruohose, professor of archeology at the University of Turku, the discovery can be considered very important from a research point of view, since very few cemeteries from the Crusades are known in Finland.

Excavations showed that the dead people in this newly discovered cemetery were buried according to Christian customs. In addition to the sword, archaeologists unearthed part of the scabbard, iron objects of “unidentified nature,” as well as the remains of a leather belt decorated with thirty square bronze pendants and rosette patterns. A knife was also attached to the belt. It was not possible to find it, but archaeologists unearthed the remaining leather sheath decorated with bronze rings.

In addition, human remains and pieces of wood were found near the sword, which may have been part of a coffin. All materials, as noted by archaeologists, represent elements from one burial. The objects themselves indicate that the buried person had a high social status. It is possible that he himself was a knight. Excavations are still ongoing, scientists suggest that there could be about 200 burials in this cemetery.

Source: Rambler

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