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Comparison of eleven extremely powerful Bluetooth speakers

On the YouTube channel “ROMANYCH” they talked about the features of the most powerful Bluetooth speakers today.

The budget segment of powerful speakers includes models costing up to 12 thousand rubles.

Sven PS-800. You get a 100W speaker with two 4400mAh batteries and a weight of 5.5kg. This model has improved bass sound compared to its predecessors.


Fiero Emotion 150. Now this speaker costs about 12 thousand rubles. For this money you get 160 W power and a 4000 mAh battery. The device weighs 7 kg. The speaker is memorable for its powerful and dense bass.


The next price category is up to 20 thousand rubles.

Soundmax SM-MS4206. The speaker power is 120 W, battery life is up to 8 hours, weight is 8.5 kg. But this is the kind of speaker that you want to listen to at maximum volume.


Tribit Stormbox Blast. You will receive an 80 W speaker with a 6600 mAh battery and a weight of 5.5 kg. In addition, this device is completely waterproof. The sound of the speaker is balanced in the middle, dense bass and good highs. Although it is still less suitable for parties than the previous one.


The segment up to 30 thousand rubles is represented by the following high-quality models.

JBL Partybox Encore Essential.

Soundmax 4205. You will get 140 W power, up to 10 hours of operation. The column weighs 16 kg. You also have the ability to control the equalizer and choose from a variety of lighting options. You need to listen to it at a volume of more than 50-60%.


Vipe Nitro X5 Pro. This is a model with a power of 120 W and operation up to 10 hours. She weighs 13.5 kg. There is bass here, but it’s electronic.


Vipe NITRO X7 PRO. For 35 thousand rubles you get 300 W power, IPX4 protection, 10 hours of operation. The speaker has good tight bass, the middle is not crowded, and there are high frequencies. For sound, the model gets 4 points out of 5.


JBL Partybox 110. For 35 thousand rubles you will get 160 W of power (from the mains, and 100 W from your own battery), up to 12 hours of playback (but in fact the host got 5-6 hours). The speaker weighs about 11 kg.


Hisense Party Rocker. The speaker’s power is 300 W, it can play for up to 15 hours, and weighs approximately 10 kg. You will get tight, good bass, good balance, and the high frequencies are also fine.


JBL Boombox 3. This is a powerful speaker within 40 thousand rubles with the most balanced sound. There is a well-balanced midrange, velvety bass, order with high frequencies.

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